Feedback: Send It Our Way

It has only been 10 days since HamConnect launched, and already we have members from around the globe! From Alaska to New York City, the United Kingdom, and all the way around to New Zealand, hams have begun connecting on this growing platform. And while we here are excited about the growth, we’re even more excited about some developments that are in the pipeline–new features like a user-created gear inventory and radio activity logs. We’ve brought on a world-class developer who is sure to bring some great innovations to the site.

In the meantime, we need to hear from you! Send us your feedback! What is it you want to see more of on HamConnect? What could be made better? Is there a specific feature you think is missing from the site? Your comments will help us make a better website not just for you, but for ham communities everywhere. Drop us a line and let us know what you think–if you don’t want to leave a comment, shoot us an email at, As new features get closer to launch, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

Finally, are you involved in a local club station? Are you part of an active ham community in your area? Consider using HamConnect as another communications point for your group. Bring it up at your next club meeting and see if it might be a fit. We want HamConnect to be a practical and easy-to-use platform for club station communication.  If there is anything we can do to make it more valuable to you and your club, please let us know! We will act on your feedback!



  1. Lisa

    Feedback…My opinion…Your emails are not mobile friendly, which I find frustrating when EVER THING is mobile in 2016……the Ham Connect website is much like facebook and twitter…which already exists WITH my ham friends already in place….and we also have QRZ for info and ham data…I see no real use for Ham Connect in my social media toolkit…I don’t have time for more…but nice try.

    1. Profile photo of Aaron McNany
      Aaron McNany Post author

      Hey Lisa, thanks for the feedback–as far as the emails, I’m sorry they weren’t displaying on your phone! All of the major mail clients were tested (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird) and have displayed the emails nicely. We utilize a widely-used mailing client, so I’m not sure what the issue might be. Perhaps you have html turned off on your mail client?
      As far as the website goes, again, thanks for the feedback, and I totally understand what you’re saying. HamConnect has been live for less than 14 days, and we have a lot of features in the pipeline that I think will add significant value to your ‘toolkit’. Because the platform is new, we decided to keep it simple at first and to roll out some of the features gradually. I totally understand if you don’t decide to stay with us right now, but I hope you’ll check in from time-to-time to see what we’ve added! 73’s.

      1. Profile photo of Tracy

        HI Aaron:

        You might want to ask your website guy if the website is setup for mobile use.. I know there is a plugin for WP to get this going.. Just a thought..

        Lisa… QRZ is old school. and in my opinion even after their recent upgrades last year. QRZ still needs a face lift. And more clarity in the charging of their paid services. Within the next 6-10 years QRZ will either have to catch up with the crowd or go in the dust bin.

        I do agree that if you don’t want to pay for ARRL membership, that QRZ it a really quick source for looking up call signs.

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      Clay Welsh W1PI

      Lisa, you are sounding like sour grapes. The site has only been up for two weeks and you’d like it to be all fine tuned and pretty. Give it some time. Come back again sometime in the future, before you write it off.

  2. Jerry Lynn

    I am having trouble getting registered. I fill out the info and check the robot thingy and it comes back to the register page. What is supposed to happen after I hit register?

  3. Profile photo of Joseph Wallace - K4EIT
    Joseph Wallace - K4EIT

    Fellow Hams.. I love the concept! We have been testing various methods to engage club members in our area with online discussions, info, groups, etc. I always thought this was something the ARRL should have backed years ago to futher the hobby. Nice to see some are taking the initiative! Glad to be part of the new community. 73! Joe K4EIT

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      Joseph Wallace - K4EIT

      I’d like to add this thought, for those that do not find it useful.. simply don’t use it. We are all individuals with different thoughts, beliefs, etc. The wonderful world of Ham Radio brings us all together, hopefully in the pursuit of furthering our hobby.. and most importantly, having FUN! We should all focus on the fun part a bit more, and this is one way for me to do just that.

  4. Joseph Wallace

    Any chance the site will be using https: with a trusted certificate any time soon? I am sure there is a lot to do, but just have to ask. 73! Joe K4EIT

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      HamConnect Admin

      Hello Joseph,
      We are VERY interested in HTTPS/SSL. As you probably know, the process is relatively complicated, especially with more complex websites like HamConnect (EVERY link must be updated, more complicated coding must take place, and it’s just very time-consuming.) The goal is to transition to SSL within the next few months, however. SSL will not only improve the trust we have with members, but will also significantly cut down on SPAM attempts.
      Hope that answers your question!

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      Site Admin

      Hey Joseph, Just wanted to update you on our HTTPS/SSL situation–we are now secure! In the left side of your address bar you should see a ‘green lock’ or ‘https’ in the address. Thanks!

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    Joseph Wallace - K4EIT

    For things that may be of use on HamConnect, the use of a simple type survey tool may be of value. This could be used for HamConnect in general or at the group like. Asking members of a group a specific group of questions maybe 5 or so, and then allow the answers to be True/False, Scale 1 – 5, and short text entry.

    A common page in HamConnect to store a collection of bookmarks to references and articles on the web. Perhaps these are specific to a group or even a common set for all of the HamConnect community.

    joe K4EIT

  6. Profile photo of Joseph F Dunphy
    Joseph F Dunphy

    Having a lot of problems getting pictures to post to album. Do all the work transferring pix, and nothing goes through. Tried twice, and figured it was a waste of time. Too bad, cause i have pictures of 2015 NYC marathon.

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    Gary Fowler

    Doing a good service for the price of admission. Don’t let it become a full time job. Most hams that are computer literate already know where to find things on the net. More interested in hearing stories from hams on their experiences than clicking off-page links. Just my two milliwatts worth. Great work on the site. Thank you.